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Already in 2002 the base was founded in the domainnames, brands, trademarks and patents market for our current company. In 2015 we decided it was time to completely re-brand, into a name which is fit for our current products and services. Therefore since that year we are happy to offer our services under our new name: LET’S BRAND.

LETS BRAND is specialised in domainname brokerage. Whether you want to sell – buy – retrieve – fund – rent-out or lease your domains, we are the broker you need to hire. But it doesn’t stop with brokerage, we also serve: the full package of domainname registration services, domainname consultancy on area’s like fundings, retrievals, acquisitions, escrows, appraisals, audits, infringements, mediation, disputes, management, strategy and special domain name liquidation & bankruptcy trustee consults.

On the area of branding we can assist you with complete and full protection in regards to your assets, brands, trademarks and patents. A special brand & trademark and patent protection services is available, next to the full capacity of supporting you in the whole process of brand & trademark and patent registration services.

We are happy that many of our early clients still stick with us; they love the personal service, our constant urge for innovation and that we use this directly in all our products and services.

With hundreds of long, and strong, customer relationships,  plus the pleasure of welcoming new clients daily; we are happy to serve all our clients and having their confidence in our high servicelevel and product knowledge.

In the current market, it is hard to find a company with a personal touch. At LETS BRAND we will guide and help you throughout every process we offer, or you need. We support you to make sure you can do, what you do best.

Just get in touch with us! We are happy to help you out.

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