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With our special Domain Consultancy services you are always supported with the utmost powerful knowledge of our specialists, and our validated partners.

Domain Branding, and especially keeping your domain safe and secure can be pretty intensive. As you cannot be a specialist in every field, you can depend on our Domain Consultancy services.

We offer Domain Consultancy when you need a helping hand in for example; Domain Retrieval, Domain Acquisition or Domain Sales. Or when you need Domain Funding, Domain Appraisals and Audit Strategy. Or your marketing needs to be completed with a full inhouse Domain Strategy and Domain Portfolio Management.

And when legal assistance is in need we are here to consult you on the matters of Domain Mediation, Domain Disputes, Domain Infringements and TMCL (Trademark Clearinghouse) & DPML (Domain Protection Marks). Along the way we also keep your domains safe with our Domain Watch, and make sure that the Domain Privacy plus its Domain Security is safeguarded.

Feel free contacting us to see how we can assist your company further with our Domain Consultancy.


With extensive knowledge of todays market, supporting you in your ever needs.


Personal consultancy, means having a dedicated account manager next to you for any help needed.


We handle your cases with the utmost confidentiality, to assure the best approach en succes rate.

LET’S BRAND is trusted by SMB and Corporates as their solid brand & consultancy partner concerning strategic advisement and secure deployment for their valuable internet assets.


With all our knowledge combined we have been in business since 2002.


We listen to you, make a proper audit and combine experience into result.


And with all the passion we have, we are there for you – being our loyal client!