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Keeping a proper track of all your domains can be cumbersome, and perhaps not part of your daily routine. With our Domain Management tools the full lifecycle of domains are processed by your personal Domain Manager.

Being a corporate and having to deal with domainnames, domain marketing strategies can be time consuming and challenging. Via our Domain Management we offer this full service so you don’t have to worry about your domainname portfolio.

We offer for example: Domain Audits (where we take a look a your organisation, your marketing plans, current state of portfolio and make an Audit on based on the by us gathered information and how to proceed in-house), we can organise a Domain Portfolio collection (where all domains are being centralised thus having only one partner for all your domains). We can Appraise your Domainname(s), upon this can be accounted as direct value and assets and support this with official Domain Validation reports. Or can take care of your whole domainname portfolio, when it comes to renewal – registration – technical settings – DNS services – forwarding – parking and so on.

Feel free contacting us to see how we can assist your company further with Domain Management of your assets.


Completely take-over the renewal and registration of your portfolio.


Go hand in hand in an effort to combine your marketing with your assets.


Let us monitor your portfolio and execute proper audits in order to appraise your value.

What is included with Domain Management

Domain Strategy

Together we set-out your domain strategy in which we dive into every corner of your portfolio & strategy.

Domain Renewal

Let us take care of the extensive renewal of your domain or portfolio.

Domain Parking

Park your domains to get more visitors, or more revenue from your domain.

Domain Registration

As being accredited for numerous TLD’s, we work side by side with our partners so that you can register all TLD’s available.

Domain Appraisals

Let us appraise the value of your domain or portfolio in order to get valued estimates.

Portfolio Management

Managing your portfolio in order to see what domains function and which don’t.

Domain Webhosting

Hosting located in our, or our partners colocation across the globe. From VPS to Managed hosting..

Domain Regulation

We know the best what extension has; what kind of regulation, terms of registration. We assist you in these matters.

Domain Marketing

Set-up a domain marketing strategy to (re-)activate your domains, and plan your domain wisely.

Domain Audits

Tailored Audits in order to maximize the utilisation of your corporate domains.

DNS Service

Planning the technical settings of your domain or portfolio, so that all is reachable.

Trade & Transfer

We take care of the transfer of domains into your portfolio, or trades when necessary.

LET’S BRAND is trusted by SMB and Corporates as their solid brand & consultancy partner concerning strategic advisement and secure deployment for their valuable internet assets.


With all our knowledge combined we have been in business since 2002.


We listen to you, make a proper audit and combine experience into result.


And with all the passion we have, we are there for you – being our loyal client!